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Welcome to my free ebook page.

Over the years I have tried many ways and special diets to look the desired way.

I had plenty of extra pounds I did not enjoy and my gf always told me in a good way of course how much cuter I would be if I got rid off this extra burden from my stomach.

The last five years I have been keeping a personal diary which I turned into a pdf where I share all my thoughts, experiences and actions I took from the “before” to the “after” era.

Inside this document I share:

  • How I realized that improving my looks had absolutely to do with initially changing my mindset into a more self-dependent and responsible one
  • How many times I failed before I got exactly where I wanted
  • What kind of diets I tried that made me fatter and delayed me from reaching my goals
  • The right combination of foods and exercise for a man in my size and age that worked for me
  • How my whole life changed for the better after this 5 year journey to mental health and fitness

If you are going through a similar phase, feel free to come and say hello, contact me through this form and I will send my diary to your email.