Hair Transplantation Surgery and Nanotechnology Combined

Hi all, today I will share with you a very serious and common problem that we men deal with and most of us during our youth. Baldness.

Being bald or losing hair as the years go by, for whatever reason, is always a hit under the belt. It is similar to women wanting bigger breasts, it is a matter of self-esteem and wanting to look good. I did a research that I am sharing with you below about what new medical technologies are used to help men mostly, restore their hair and self-confidence.

Hair loss is one of the most common male specific disorders in the world and as much as several hundred million men are affected by it.

While there are countless solutions that promise they can end baldness or at least make it more bearable, there is currently no wide scale solution that is both effective and affordable so that anyone who is battling baldness can use. However, that is about to change soon.

New studies made on nanotechnology in hair transplantation

The use of nanotechnology in hair transplantation has been considered many years ago, but it was something that many viewed as a part of a science fiction movie and therefore it didn’t convince people it would become reality but in a very long time. However, a team of doctors in Singapore have made significant progress making use of nanotechnology in order to cure baldness and engineered a new hair follicle model that plays a pivotal role in the discovery of new medications for people suffering from androgenetic alopecia.

In an interview, Professor Jackie Ying who is also the Executive director of IBN said that the progress they made is huge and that it’s going to greatly change the way we look at baldness and shorten the time necessary to find a cure. He continued to say that the model they created allows them to better understand how the various mechanisms in charge of the growth and development of hair follicles work and that hopefully, their studies are going to lead to new products that can finally cure baldness.

Understanding the structure of the hair follicle

Hair follicles are regenerating organs which will produce a new hair shaft throughout each growth cycle. The cycle itself depends on the interaction between the dermal papilla cells and the epithelial cells. In order to study these interactions closely, using a three dimensional hair follicle would be very useful and it can help pave the way towards discovering new treatments for both female and male pattern baldness.

The 3D hair follicle

After years of research, the IBN finally managed to come up with a three dimensional hair follicle model that perfectly imitates the cell arrangement and size of a human hair follicle. Their achievement was possible thanks to the combination of 2 types of hair cells, including keratinocytes and dermal papilla cells.

Results of preliminary tests

The researchers at IBN went ahead with their experiments and decided to put their theory to test and implanted these cells into mice. The cells grew into hair structures that looked very natural and helped them achieve a great milestone in the battle against pattern baldness.

This is a groundbreaking technology that can be easily used by pharmaceutical companies which, thanks to their large funding, can clearly finance the research and find a cure for baldness much faster. On top of that, it’s also a revolutionary technology that would help consumer care companies since it makes it possible for them to screen the active ingredients in the many personal care products they commercialize.

Hair Transplantation Video Live Surgery as it Happened

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