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It is a pleasure to write this post as I know that “sharing is caring” and through my experiences shared on this blog, I will possibly reach other men in this world that we have come up against the same issues in our personal life.

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As a quote says, always be strong as you never know who you can inspire through your strength and open-ness.

When I was in my twenties, all I cared about was being with girls and having fun. Who doesn’t anyway? I was in a serious relationship with a girl for 3 years and was pretty much in love and totally faithful to her as she was to me.

Due to some personal family problems my gf had to leave Denver where we were living together and move to Italy. We eventually had to break up and move on with our live separately.

It was not easy for me as I got depressed and did not care anymore about how I look, I was feeling already dead inside. So this story went on and I finally managed to look like a totally different man, ugly and fat and miserable.

When it was obvious that I couldn’t become worse, I got a grip. My friends and family made bold efforts to get me back on track and persuade me that this cannot go on forever. Time to get out of bed and start living again. I so thank them all for that.

I was in a constant effort to improve my psychology and my ugly transformed body for 5 years until I felt content by seeing my image in the mirror. What a feeling. I have also become a fitness freak now and spend 2 hours a day 5 days a week at the gym which happens to be very close to my home.

I have regained my confidence and can say that I am a happy person inside, appreciating life and each moment for the simple beauty it has to offer.

My professional life is at a very good level and as i keep going, I will soon reach my goals at the company I work for as a medical technology assistant at a medical practice in my area.

I work with cosmetic surgeons and physicians and I connect with people every day who want to try to gain their life back and self confidence by making a decision to improve their looks and their psychology. Either we choose a natural way to do this or ask for a medical expert’s help, it is a road we ought to ourself to take.

That said, I welcome you all (men and women) and hope you will enjoy yourself here.





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